My Mum Wasn't Pleased


Index of Parts

Part 1: ...Cleaning...job interview, seven dwarfs, flame thrower, fashion dummy, dead bat, bacon rind, card games, promotion.
Part 2: ...Firing...Al Jolson, turntable, coal hopper, hostel, 'Dry Rot', circus train, one way mirror, dead body, firebox, typhoid, bum, Chinese restaurant, Train Spotter Special, Spanish holiday, MENSA, redundant.
Part 3: ...Shunting & Freight Guarding...New Yard, The Cobbler, Millerhill, handbrake, jet planes, sheepskin mitts, Belgian holiday, rail closures, promotion.
Part 4: ...Passenger Guarding...Kirtlebridge viaduct, dead body, coach fire, snowbound, never sleep, Manuel, boulder on line, Portlethen station, Easter Monday, Dalwhinnie snow, Highland flood, Ness bridge, promotion.
Part 5: ...Senior Conducting...grapefruit, carriage key, Driver?, Spanish tourists, Japanese tourists, four star hotel, redundant.
Part 6: ...Merely arms, magic, fell asleep, Perth flood, boxer, American tourists, Scotrail Friendly Course, Red Sea, Coral Reef, headache, safety, haggis, dead body.