After losing my job with ScotRail in 1998 I was unemployed for nine months and I took the opportunity to research my Family Tree. My friend Paul Black is the genealogy expert and as I knew that my family were from Fife, Paul and I spent many hours in the library of Cupar, Fife reading the various Fife censuses of the 1800's as well as burial records etc. When we had enough information I built my Family Tree and placed the result in a Genealogy site on the Web.

I had a few false contacts until Andrew Lawrie from England got in touch. We established that while I was a descendant of William Lawrie (b.1763) he was a descendant of his brother James (b.1765). To my delight I was then contacted by Christopher Lawrie, England who is the grandson of Archibald Lawrie (b.1895), brother of my grandfather William (b.1882).
Since then I have been contacted by Geoffrey Paton, England who is a grandson of my grandfather's sister Isabella Sime Lawrie (b.1888).
I have also been contacted by Janice Henderson McEachran, Ontario,Canada who is a descendant of George Henderson & Catherine Lawrie (b.1791) and Michael Alexander from New Zealand who is related through the Sime Family.

I would very much like to be contacted by a descendant of each of my grandfathers brothers and sisters and of course, anyone else who is related to my family tree.

Below is a highly condensed version of my family tree. The full version is over 170 pages in length. You can download the full tree by right-clicking and selecting 'save target as':

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The file consists of three families all married in Fife, Scotland: William Lawrie & Catherine Neish (m.1786), his brother James Lawrie & Janet Clark (m.1785) and the descendants of Thomas Sime & Mary Cargill (m.1814) who are related to the other families by the marriage of James Lawrie & Isabella Sime (m.1850).

As with any document of 170 pages it is difficult to navigate. Each family has a page with the parents at the top and any children below. If any of the children are married then they have a page to themselves. This continues down the generations until I run out of information.

If you wish to contact me please email me at

William Lawrie & Isabella Hain Family
Cupar, Fife. 1913
back : James (b.1906), Mary Ann W (b.1908)
front: William H (b.1910), Christina (b.1904), Isabella (b.1912)

William Hain Lawrie
Family Tree

John Lawrie
John Lawrie married Grizel Tod circa 1755. Their children were Janet (b.1756), Mary (b.1760), twins William & Betty (b.1763), and twins James & David (b.1765). All of the children were born in Wemyss, Fife, Scotland.

William Lawrie
On the 8th December, 1786 at Wemyss, William Lawrie married Catherine Neish. Their children were Catherine (b.1791), John (b.1793), William (b.1796) and James (b.1798).

William Lawrie
On the 27th November 1818 at Wemyss, William Lawrie, weaver, married Sophia Neish. Their children were William (b.1820), Margaret (b.1825), James (b.1826), Johan (b.1828), Andrew (b.1831), Agnes (b.1834) and Catherine (b.1837). On the 8th September, 1843 at Largo, Fife, Margaret Lawrie married Robert Guthrie.
In the Census records of 1841 for the parish of Largo, in the district of Drummochry, William Lawrie and his son William are registered as Flaxdressers, Margaret as a flax spinner, James as a rope maker. By the year 1848 Sophia must have died as on the 17th January 1848, William married Ann Balfour (b.1806, Largo). They had no children.
In the Census records of 1851 for the parish of Largo, William and Ann are registered as linen weavers. Andrew is described as unmarried and an imbecile. Agnes and Catherine are linen weavers. Also in the house was William Guthrie age 4, a grandchild.
In the Census records of 1891 for the parish of Largo at Goodsir House, Annie Lawrie (nee Balfour), widow, aged 84 is registered.

James Lawrie
On the 21st January, 1850 at Largo, James Lawrie, seaman (merchant service), married Isabella Sime (b.1825, Largo) daughter of Thomas Sime, coal miner and Mary Cargill. James Lawrie was registered variously as a sailor, seaman and fisherman. He died sometime between 1863-67, whereabouts unknown. Their children were William (b.1850), Thomas (b.1853), James (b.1856), Mary (b.1858), Sophia (b.1861) and David (b.1863).
In the Census records of 1861 for the parish of Largo, James was registered as the head of the family but in the Census records of 1871 Isabella Sime, widow, is head of the family. She was a washerwoman and her son Thomas was a fisherman. In the Census records of 1891 for the parish of Largo, Doctor's Wynd, Isabella Lawrie, widow, aged 65 is registered as a washerwoman.
Sophia died in 1862 aged one year, William died in 1867 aged 17 (death certificate signed by Isabella Lawrie widow), Mary died in 1939 aged 79. Isabella died in 1912 aged 87. Thomas died in 1951 aged 98. They are all buried in Largo cemetery.

James Lawrie
On the 23rd March, 1878 at Leuchars, Fife, James Lawrie, farm servant, married Mary Ann Watson (b.1860, Leuchars), daughter of Alexander Watson, farm servant and Janet Walker. Their children were James (b.1878, Leuchars), Alexander (b.1880, Balmerino), William (b.1882, Pitlethie), John (b.1883, Kilmany), Janet (b.1886, Leuchars), Isabella (b.1888, Leuchars), and Helen (b.1890, Leuchars). These children were all in the 1891 Census records. Later were born Archibald (b.1895, Leuchars), Kate, Annie, Robert and David.
Their son John married Isabella Stewart of Myreside, Kingskettle, Ladybank. He was killed on 6th March, 1917, aged 33, during the First World War while serving in the 1st. Bn., Black Watch. He is buried in a Commonwealth grave in the Boisguillaume Communal Cemetery, Seine-Maritime, France.

William Lawrie
On the 4th December, 1903, at Kettle, Fife, William Lawrie, ploughman, married Isabella Hain (b.1879, Kettle), daughter of Andrew Hain and Christina McQueen. Their children were Christina (b.1904), James (b.1906), Mary Ann Watson (b.1908), William Hain (b.1910), Isabella (b.1912) and Andrew (b.1918).
William Lawrie died in 1955. Isabella Hain died in 1961. They are buried in Falkland cemetery, Fife, beside their son William Hain Lawrie. Their son James, who died in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia is mentioned on the gravestone. Also buried in Falkland cemetery are Andrew Hain and Christina McQueen.
James died in 1932, William Hain died in 1973, Christina died in 1978, Andrew died in 1984, Isabella died in 1988 and Mary Ann Watson Lawrie died in 2003.

William Hain Lawrie
On the 6th July, 1934 at Perth, Scotland, William Hain Lawrie, Black Watch, married Margaret Spratt (b.1914, Perth) daughter of Charles Spratt and Ellen Collier. Their children are Margaret (b.1935), William Hain (b.1943) and Dorothy Ann (b.1949).
William Hain Lawrie died in 1973, cremated in Perth, his ashes are interred beside his parents in Falkland cemetery. Margaret Spratt died in 1974 and was cremated in Perth.
On the 27th October, 1956 at Perth, Margaret Lawrie married Robert Fairlie and has three children. They are Stephen Robert (b.1958), Ian William (b.1960) and Gary Richard (b.1968). Robert Fairlie died in April, 2001.
On the 20th March, 1976 at Perth, Dorothy Ann Lawrie married Raymond Weightman and has three children. They are Lisa Ann (b.1979), Lynn Margaret (b.1981) and Lawrie Adam Hain (b.1988).

William Hain Lawrie
On the 11th March, 1978 at Perth, William Hain Lawrie married Hazel Stewart (b.1958), daughter of Blair Stewart and Cecilia Fergusson. They have one child who is Joanne Lawrie (b.1982).

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The surname Lawrie, Laurie, Lowrie, Lourie etc., is a Scots form of Laurence, either from the French Laurence or from the martyr St. Lawrence.
Scottish Surnames G. Mackay 1998.

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